A Big Impact with a Small Footprint

That's our mission

We will never stop striving to reduce our footprint, design better looking and feeling glasses, and improve our blue-light protection. We are committed to raising money for environmental initiatives and do our part to keep our planet healthy and beautiful. Our product will get you through your screen-filled day with more energy to get out and enjoy the world!

In Challenge Comes Opportunity

How it all started

As the pandemic swept through our country in 2020, we were forced to close down our wellness businesses and move online. I felt the effects of the increased screen time and knew I wasn't alone. I couldn't find a product that really worked and I saw an opportunity to expand my purpose of spreading of health and happiness to more people.

After a year of research, design, and testing, we landed on a perfect balance of style, comfort, protection, and sustainable operation to produce a product that I'm proud to stand behind and share with the world.

-Steve Hart
Founder and CEO

Join the Sustainable Retail movement

Every time you pull out your wallet to pay for something you are voting on the future of our planet. Financial incentives are powerful drivers in the world, so by supporting a company committed to sustainable operation you encourage everyone else to follow suit one dollar at a time. Thank you for helping us help save our planet!